Approaching the terrifying thirties….

We all love that one spectacular annual event when we are bestowed with gifts and applauded for aging. It has been my favourite too until this year. Why? Well because I reached that threshold of being officially ‘old’. 30. All through my teens I couldn’t wait to be an adult. And as my ‘adulting’ was... Continue Reading →

Body Shop Spa of the world: Body scrub review

After getting back from a trip, my skin needed thorough detox and I had been eyeing the Spa of the world body scrub range for a very long time. Finally I had a reason to indulge and after hours of browsing through their range, I picked up two scrubs. Spa of the world range by... Continue Reading →

Planning 101: For procrastinators like me!

Submission deadlines, paying bills, date with your bank, planning vacations, returning purchases, grocery shopping, laundry, work appraisals, replying to emails, cooking, project completion, studying…. OMG! We all have a lot of shit that needs to get done. I am neither fancy nor a colourful planner. I always thought my mind worked like a super computer;... Continue Reading →

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