Moving from India to UK…. Chapter 4: the transition

After an eventful and partly lazy 2019, I feel prepared and compelled to finish the story I started 2 years back. The small town girl making it big and all.... Just kidding! Incase you missed the earlier parts, here is a link Chapter one: the vision        Chapter two: the application. Chapter 3: the... Continue Reading →

Moving from India to UK Chapter 1: the vision

I moved to the UK from India in May 2017 to pursue further specialization in my field (I am an anaesthesiologist). This entire journey has been a roller coaster ride for me and hence I wanted to share my experiences with you guys. So let’s dive right into the topic. Why did I decide to... Continue Reading →

My career journey so far..

I work full-time for a living and blogging is my hobby. What do I do? I am an Anaesthesiologist/Anaesthetist. Trained in India and currently pursuing fellowship in the UK. In simple words, a physician who is specialised in peri operative medicine, making sure patients are unaware, pain-free, sedated during surgical procedures. (This is the most... Continue Reading →

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