Planning 101: For procrastinators like me!

Submission deadlines, paying bills, date with your bank, planning vacations, returning purchases, grocery shopping, laundry, work appraisals, replying to emails, cooking, project completion, studying…. OMG! We all have a lot of shit that needs to get done. I am neither fancy nor a colourful planner. I always thought my mind worked like a super computer;... Continue Reading →

Girl talk: Too pretty to be taken seriously?

Hi guys welcome to another post on girl talk; dealing with iceberg problems. (Do check out my previous post Girl talk: body shaming?) Lets all take a moment and be honest with yourself and think over this. We all have that one colleague, that one lawyer, that one friend, that one politician, that one neighbour,... Continue Reading →

My career journey so far..

I work full-time for a living and blogging is my hobby. What do I do? I am an Anaesthesiologist/Anaesthetist. Trained in India and currently pursuing fellowship in the UK. In simple words, a physician who is specialised in peri operative medicine, making sure patients are unaware, pain-free, sedated during surgical procedures. (This is the most... Continue Reading →

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