How finally learning to forgive lead to my self-healing…..

I like to think of us humans composed of 3 things. Body, mind and the soul. All as layers. The body physically protects the mind and the mind emotionally protects the soul. What about the heart? I believe the soul is a deeper extension of the heart. All those deeper feelings; love, passion, anger, jealousy,... Continue Reading →


A letter to my 20 year old self.

Hey Chrissy, I know, I understand, you are on the crossroads of life right now. It is absolutely normal to be confused, to be scared. But let me assure you, you are on the right path. You are probably far away from family, alone in your hostel room and trying to figure out a million... Continue Reading →

Planning 101: For procrastinators like me!

Submission deadlines, paying bills, date with your bank, planning vacations, returning purchases, grocery shopping, laundry, work appraisals, replying to emails, cooking, project completion, studying…. OMG! We all have a lot of shit that needs to get done. I am neither fancy nor a colourful planner. I always thought my mind worked like a super computer;... Continue Reading →

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