7 Lessons I learnt in my professional life

How professional am I, to be at work and write this blog! Kidding kidding, I am at home. I had a master Oogway moment(Kung Fu Panda fans would get this!) today, you know feeling wise and such and so started writing this post. Seven years into my field and it has been quite a journey so far. Have hit a few highs, have crashed and burned, faced embarrassment etc etc.

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I decided to highlight 7 lessons.

1. The basics: ABC




In that order. My mentor taught me this and it has been stuck with me ever since. I was under the impression that my skills are the most essential component of my job. I was mistaken. If you are never available to sort out crisis nor behave cordially and in a respectful manner, no matter how good you are at your job, it is inconsequential.

2.Triple D’s

Discipline Determination Dedication

You will find this scrawled on my notes from medical school. It means doing those few tasks regularly, giving it your best shot and continuing to do so even when you have urge to give up and surrender. It is the mantra that has helped me in every aspect of my life. I am not saying that I am an ideal worker, but I have tried to implement it to the best of my ability.

3. To do and what not to

When I began my career, I laid emphasis on things that I needed to learn to do. Well, frequently certain situations arise where it is pertinent for me to avoid the usual practices. If I may quote myself, ‘ knowing what to do, is competency but knowledge of what not to do, is expertise.’ Hopefully I have put it across astutely.

4. Its a marathon, not a sprint

What is the difference? Sprinting lasts from seconds to minutes, whereas marathons extend for hours and hence there are differences in the way one would train. Similarly, be it exam preparations or any projects or presentations or even learning a new skill it is necessary to treat it like a marathon. It takes time to develop and demands consistency in our efforts.

5. Teamwork

Everyone remembers Christopher Columbus as the navigator who discovered America. However, it was his team who managed to get him there. Whether you function as the team leader or as an intern, you are a vital part of the team. When tasks are delegated, it is easier to accomplish goals than struggling doing it on your own. I am sure at least once in your professional life you have had to attend a boring seminar on teamwork. But practically speaking, it has taught me to be respectful, humble and build good rapport with others.

6. Pounce on opportunities

Not just grab, but pounce on them. Opportunities are quite ubiquitous. They can appear at the best or worst times. If you waste too much time, thinking things through sometimes that opportunity can just slip through our fingers. Not the best lesson learnt for me, but I just tend to jump on any chance that comes my way. Even smaller chances you take might lead you to the big break you were always waiting for.

7. Health and wellbeing

The age old saying, ‘health is wealth’ holds so true in our everyday lives. Not just physical, but mental wellbeing is equally important. One cannot function to their best capability without the support of a healthy body and mind. So have your meals on time, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. You are responsible for your health, as no one else would be that concerned about it.

Hope find these relatable. I am going to conclude this post as usual with a quote,

The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.” ~ Steve Jobs

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