Approaching the terrifying thirties….

We all love that one spectacular annual event when we are bestowed with gifts and applauded for aging. It has been my favourite too until this year.


Why? Well because I reached that threshold of being officially ‘old’. 30.

All through my teens I couldn’t wait to be an adult. And as my ‘adulting’ was all rushed through, when I actually earned my resources to have a little fun I was suddenly too old!

Fleeting 20s:                                                                                                                

20s are the golden decade of our lifetime. You are young, blessed with good skin, no responsibilities, you can afford to ‘figure out life’, date, strike off things on your bucket list, have crazy adventures etc etc. Plus you are always safely termed ‘young’. As I was at the bottom of an endless pit called medical education, it took a long time to finally emerge out of it and enjoy my days under the sun.

What turning 30 meant to me? Expectations…

  1. Being responsible
  2. Married with 1.5 kids
  3. No more hangovers
  4. No more shopping at Forever 21
  5. Being referred to as ‘aunty’
  6. Having to start using anti-aging skin care

It might sound quite cynical, but I thought my fun days would be over the moment I turned 30. I guess, I affirmed to the unwritten social rule that a woman turning 30 will need to settle down (get married).

As my biological clock was ticking, 29.1 yrs, 29.2, 29.3 and so on, I observed several moments of silence for my poor aging soul. Was it really that depressing? What was I afraid of? Was it just me or the social pressure?

And then I had an epiphany, I had finally F**d-up this year! Fearless, financially independent, free and fat (doesn’t matter haha). The year I spent dreading getting old was actually the most fantastic year of my life!

That’s me on my thirtieth!

My 30-years reality:

  1. Still studying, but something I love doing… halfway through my goals.
  2. At my dream job, dreamt at 25 and achieved by 30.
  3. Lost my travel-ginity!
  4. Finally have the budget for some savings.
  5. Unmarried but c’mon I am still young!

Lessons I learnt:

  • 20s taught me what to do, 30-year old me knows what not to.
  • Some rules are meant to be broken. Society norms.
  • Learnt to love, let go and then love some more.
  • Can hold down my wines longer.
  • Transitioned from religion to spirituality.
  • Golden rule: brush your teeth twice a day.
  • 20s were meant to cultivate juicy secrets, 30s are meant to reminisce them.
  • Start a skin care and exercise regime. Just do it.
  • Have that one crazy decade-old friend.
  • Start saving up for that one crazy idea you have always had.


I was fortunate and blessed to spend my landmark birthday with my loved ones in Florence, Italy.

Well I always get excited when asked for an ID at a bar or someone saying ‘you are too young to be my doctor’. But I am absolutely loving the start of this decade of my life. To all those dreading their next birthday, thirties are not that terrifying after all. Life is tumultuous, but when you fall, you are much stronger to pick yourself up and move on.

Cheers to another year of being bolder, wiser and stronger. It is true they say, life begins at 30……

13 thoughts on “Approaching the terrifying thirties….

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  1. I remember going through the same emotions but actually, my 30’s were the best years of my life so far! Life was settled & I was beaming with confidence! I’m now approaching my 40’s & I’m hoping it’ll only get better 😬

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  2. Ahem….life begins at thirty,,? does it at forty. :). And fifty and so on…. It’s all in the mind.? Guess not…u really need the health & energy to get along….Live the moment…looking forward to the travel blogs…

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  3. As someone nearing my 30’s in a few years, I can relate so much to this article. In your late teens and twenties, one is trying to figure out life and ones place in the world. You try different lifestyle choices related to health and exercise, beauty, fashion, career, relationships etc. But once you’re in your late twenties or early-mid thirties, you figure out what actually works for you in terms of your choices and cultivate routines! By now you’ve learnt the importance of eating right and taking care of your health, developed a good skincare routine, you’re opinions and expertise are sought out by people at work, and you make time for family and friends that matter. All this coupled with independence both emotionally and financially makes this phase of life very memorable!! 🙂

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  4. I have just been thru my thirties . everything you mentioned is completely spot-on. I realised the decade was one in which I grew exponentially in every aspect. Not necessarily in the right direction always. But I found that wn I hit my forties this year, I had turned more assertive and focussed , possibly I was banking on my financial and emotional freedom of the last 2 decades. Plus the fact that finaaalllyy, people have started noticing that this person actually talks sense and is no longer a kid..or an overgrown kid for that matter. And I truly truly believe “Age is a number ,young is a feeling”. Keep it coming,Doc..

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  5. Girl, I’m with you on this. While I don’t have my dream job (I’ve never really had one of those thoughts) I’m working on getting my blog to a place where I can potentially supplement my income with it.

    But I can’t get the “you should be happily married by now” societal pressure out of my head! Lol. I have co-workers who are only a few years older than me who have been married and popped out a kid already!

    Wish the best in your next year

    XO Steph

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