Body Shop Spa of the world: Body scrub review

After getting back from a trip, my skin needed thorough detox and I had been eyeing the Spa of the world body scrub range for a very long time.

Finally I had a reason to indulge and after hours of browsing through their range, I picked up two scrubs. Spa of the world range by Bodyshop is quite exotic in its range with natural ingredients from all over the world to give a spa like experience in the comfort of our home.

So let’s get straight to the review….

  1. French grape seed refining body scrub:

What the product claims: 

Infused with grape seed powder from France and community trade organic sugar from Paraguay, the scrub helps to invigorate ,exfoliate and refine your skin and senses. 100% vegan.

How to use:

Can be applied on dry or moist skin in circular motions.


creamy sugar based scrub


My review:

  • I used it on moist skin in the shower concentrating on arms, back, elbows and knees. It has a very creamy sugar scrub based formula which absorbs well into skin. However the sugar particles do give a decent scrub before melting in the water.
  • My skin felt very smooth post scrub. It had a moisturising effect unlike other scrubs which dry out my skin.
  • This scrub has a very natural and fresh fragrance giving a very spa like feel at home.
  • I purchased the smaller size initially to try out the scrub but will definitely will be buying the bigger tub.
  • I use it once a week in the shower, specially before waxing as it helps prevent in growths.
  • Overall a very good product which gives good exfoliation despite being a sugar based scrub and added benefit of moisturised skin!

Would I purchase it again:

After the Argan oil scrub, this is my next favourite. I will definitely be buying the bigger tub.

2. Mediterranean Sea Salt resurfacing body scrub:

What the product claims: 

This invigorating scrub is rich in its mineral content and its coarse crystals are perfect to reveal younger looking skin. Massage in to improve circulation.


greasy consistency with coarse crystals


How to use:

Massage vigorously in circular motions on moist skin concentrating on dry areas like elbow skin and then rinse off.

My review:

  • I honestly have very mixed feelings about this product.
  • The first time I used it in the shower on moist skin as instructed. This product has greasy consistency which was very difficult to apply on moist skin. The salt crystals melted away easily. Rinsing off this product was real hard work!!! It was very difficult to rinse off with warm water. I had to used to shower cream and a loofah to scrub this product off.
  • The next I tried it on my hands on dry skin. It seems to work much better on dry skin giving a good exfoliation. However post rinsing it does leave the greasy residue which I do not mind if I am planning to spend the day at home. However I would advise using shower gel to get this product off and avoid staining of clothes.
  • Fragrance wise it is absolutely natural and gives a spa like feel. Exfoliation works well on dry skin. However it is greasy and difficult to remove off and not very practical to use.

Would I purchase this product again:

I plan to using the product on my feet and hands as a part of manicure and pedicure routine at home to use the existing tub. However will not be buying it again as it is very greasy and difficult to rinse off post use.

Hope you liked this review. I do want to try out other creams and scrubs from this range.

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Do let me know in the comments if you have tried on this range and your experience with the same.


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