Falling through the clouds… My experience with sky diving!

I have been away from writing for almost a month due to exams and work commitments and have truly missed the blogging community. Apologies!!!

Well after working hard I have just been back from a trip and you can expect some upcoming travel blogs. I promise to keep them interesting!

I still remember being on a trip at the age of 22; my friends wanted to do river rafting and I backed out merely due to financial constraints, however I am so thankful to them for convincing me to take the plunge in the deep waters as it has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. That’s where my love for adventures began.

So river rafting, para sailing and under water walk being done it was time to dive through the clouds and the opportunity presented itself on my latest trip to Prague, Czech Republic.

My partner in crime and me decided to go ahead with sky diving and booked for the same through Skydiving-prague.com. We decided to do it on the first day so that we could go pub crawling the same evening.

We had a pick up arranged from our hotel and we were advised to eat very light breakfast; had to resist the amazing breakfast spread that morning! We got into comfortable outfits and shoes. It was a 70 minutes ride to the tandem jump area in the beautiful Czech country side. Our group consisted of mainly Asians and although we spoke different languages the feeling was similar. We were excited but nervous! On reaching the jump site, we were divided into groups, we suited up and put on the harness. We were explained about different positions to assume during the jump. The flight and fright reaction was creeping up slowly! Several thoughts were running through my mind; I wasn’t afraid of the plunge, I was afraid of landing on my back and fracturing my spine. But it was now or never. I could not miss out on the experience for my fears. After seeing the first group land smoothly, I was feeling a lot more relieved.


Finally it was our time to meet the professional jumpers and board the aircraft. I was teamed up with Paul, in whose hands I blindly put my life in! And Peter my camera man, who was so sweet and put me at ease. In the aircraft, Paul tightened my harness, almost squeezing the life out of me, haha, and bound us together.


As the aircraft took off, I shuddered at the the reality, I was about to jump from a height of 4200 meters (14000 feet). As we ascended higher, we saw the beautiful Czech country side! I cannot even begin to describe the natural wonders. Finally we were above the clouds and the doors of aircraft opened, I watched one by one my friends disappear among the clouds.


I assumed the banana position for the exit, I was nervous, closed my eyes and rested my head on my instructors shoulder. I TOOK THE PLUNGE. Falling at 200 km/h, through the clouds!!!! I was scared, excited, confused; all emotions gushing through my body at once! I could feel the clouds all around me, I traversed the skies and opened my arms for the flying position. I was reminded by my instructor to look at the camera! How do I describe it? IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!


After a 50 seconds free fall (felt like eternity), our second chute opened and we calmly soared the skies. Paul swirled and twirled me around and I screamed, cried and shouted like a baby. The view was celestial.  Trees, mountains, bright blue skies with soft white clouds around; the natural beauty, felt primal yet ethereal!


6 minutes later it was time to land, the part I dreaded most! The descent was slow and steady and as instructed I pulled my feet up and landed unfortunately in a small puddle of water. Peter greeted me with his camera to capture all the emotions and moments!


I can give back my Louis Vuitton purse just to experience those moments all over again!!!!!


Some thoughts about sky diving:

  1. If you are brave or can muster up the courage, it is a must try. After all life is all about experiences rather than material things!
  2. You pay a huge amount; but you are paying for your safety and the thrill
  3. Do it through a professional company, their jumpers, pilots and equipment is safe and tested over time
  4. instruction are given for our safety, adhere to them and you will get through the experience safely
  5. You have to pay extra for photos and videos, but it is completely worth it! The picture quality is extremely good.

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it”

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