Makeover for the Soul: Let your beautiful Soul shine through…

We tend to spend thousands in our quest for beautiful skin, shiny hair and a chic wardrobe. I certainly do! We constantly try and keep ourselves updated on latest styles and trends through magazines, TV shows and social media. As soon as that pay check arrives, we make a beeline for the salons or malls. It’s a process of making our exteriors presentable and maintaining our youth.

That got me thinking, what am I doing to keep my body healthy and most importantly, am I taking appropriate care of my soul? To be honest, I wasn’t. It wasn’t even on my list of ‘to do’ things for the present or even in near future.

Makeover: can be defined as a series of alterations made in order to make noticeable improvements. Like we tend to make changes to our style and clothes.

What is a Soul makeover?                                                                              

Making alterations in order to make improvements to our thinking, emotions; our essence.

Why is it important?

As I have mentioned in my earlier post on self healing, I believe our soul is a deeper extension of our heart. It’s the resting place for our conscience, the birth place of our deepest emotions and has eternal life even after our body returns to dust and ash.

If we give so much importance to our outer appearance, how much more attention does our Soul deserve?

I am no expert but I have decided to take my first steps towards a Soul makeover.

  1. Be true to your soul:

Just like we each have a different appearance, so is our Soul quite unique and one of a kind. Let its true nature reveal. Let its beauty shine through that external shell.

We all are trying to emulate something or someone else. Just like recreating make up looks or outfits, we want to act like someone else too. Why cover up the beauty and originality of oneself? Be yourself. Embrace your soul. Cherish it.

  1. Good Vs Bad, hit the sweet spot

When the fuel levels are low, or you aren’t wearing a seat belt or one of the doors isn’t shut properly a warning alarm goes off in the car and keeps beeping till the problem is fixed. Similarly we all have an alarm within us. Conscience. It will beep the moment we know we are about to do something wrong or be dishonest or indulge in something which is not agreeable to our soul. Sometimes we just tend to override it. I have done it many times!

You do not have to be good all the time. As human nature goes it might not be achievable. But we can certainly avoid going into the dark zone. Just like weight loss, it needs discipline and will power. We can make an effort towards it. The goodness of your soul will certainly reflect through.

  1. Create the right attitude

As the saying goes, ‘it’s your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude’.

Humility and gratitude. Count your blessings and practice gratitude, even for every small thing in your life. Because there will always be someone else praying for everything you already possess. Humility refers to seeking the truth rather than trying to prove oneself as being right.

As C.S Lewis says,

‘A man is never so proud as when striking an attitude of humility’.

  1. Share a Soul kiss

Sounds cheesy? Just like a physical kiss is expression of love you feel for another person, kiss for your soul is letting it express. It can be with your soul mate or God (if you are religious) or your own self. Let out your emotions and thoughts.

  1. Respect your Soul

‘You have to respect yourself before I can’.

Such a simple quote but conveying an important message for us.

  1. De-stress

Meditate. I am the last person to preach about it (I am daily trying to incorporate it in my routine, but fail to do so). It’s like gym for your mind.

  1. Smile

A smile is like a window to your soul. It can go long way. It will spread positivity around you. You might never know the ways in which you will help uplift other souls out there.

  1. Have an off day

Take a day off work, social media and social life. Gather your thoughts and spend a day or half with them. Connect and re connect with yourself. If you feel burdened with too many thoughts or feelings, write them down. Let your thoughts just flow through. It might help you cleanse your thoughts.

These are just a few simple things to start with. Hope you find this helpful to give your beautiful soul and makeover.

Let me know your thoughts.


‘The desire to know your Soul, will end all other desires’ – Rumi

7 thoughts on “Makeover for the Soul: Let your beautiful Soul shine through…

Add yours

  1. Beautiful ….Lemos. I believe the soul is like a spice box…finally acquiring a flavour and fragrance of its own, but derived from all those ingredients which have been in and out of it….
    Luvd it….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such an important concept to share. People offer little consideration of themselves to themselves. Soul searching reveals personal VALUE and MEANING. These are important attributes toward developing a quality existence.

    Liked by 2 people

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