Yorkshire diary…. A weekend through pictures.

Its been 8 months of living in the UK for me. Ever since I saw the movie The Holiday, I have wanted to visit the English country side and live in a cute and cosy cottage just like Kate Winslet in the movie. My wish came true on Easter weekend when my friends and I decided to visit north Yorkshire.

We stayed in Giggleswick near Settle, a small but beautiful town and visited Skipton on our 2 days trip.

So lets dive straight into the pictures to experience the beauty of this place.. We drove from Manchester to Giggleswick. The route is very scenic. We decided to explore around before checking into our cottage.

Had to let a few giggles out for the picture!

Our Lunch in Settle….

At Car & Kitchen, in Settle (smoked salmon bagel with lemongrass tea)

After lunch we checked into our beautiful cottage, The Black Horse Cottage which we had booked via Booking.com prior.

The was cosy and so organised, it has every little thing available you could possibly need to cook and dine, as well as books, board games, duvets, towels and napkins, wifi etc. It had cute little fire place as well.

The Black Horse Cottage….
Couldn’t help clicking cottage pictures
Cute interiors

After lunch and a quick nap we set off on the walking trails to explore this beautiful town. Although the weather was quite cold, the beauty of this place lured us!

An old church….
We thought we saw a fox here!

We retired to our cottage for a nice home cooked meal with a mix of Polish and Indian taste, music and some wine.

The next day after a wonderful breakfast cooked by my friend and chef we set off to explore Skipton..

We took a train from Settle station. The station is another tourist attraction itself. With beautiful architecture set to suit the tone of this town and magnificent view from its bridge.

I finally Settled down!

magnificent view of the town
Station house

20 minutes later we reached Skipton and after a meal of fish and chips at Bizzie Lizzie’s and we set off to explore the Skipton Castle, one of the best preserved castles in the country.

The Skipton Castle
Views from the watch tower
Castle grounds

The 300 years old Yew tree planted by Lady Anne Clifford in the Conduit court
The ancient chapel of St John the evangelist
Goofing around on streets
The three musketeers in Yorkshire

The beauty of this place, warmth of the local people, the calm and serene nature around completely made me fall in love with this place. Until now London was the best destination for me, not anymore.

Will definitely explore more of the English country side…..


Do share your travel stories and favourite destinations.


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