Buying the first designer bag….

Before I first took the leap (bought an expensive bag), I did a lot of research on the same. Hence I decided to write about the experience (just in case one of you is thinking the same!)


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So starting with the basic question…..

  1. The why?

I was 14 and skimming through a magazine (wondering how do models manage to look gorgeous) when this beauty caught my eye.

Louis Vuitton.


The gorgeous monogram print. And thought to myself, maybe someday I shall be flaunting it on my arm.

So yes, it was love at first sight and has lasted more than a decade. I am a basic wardrobe kind of girl, but boy do I love bags!

  1. The when?

I bought the bag in January 2018.

  1. The where?

My friends picked her (yes she is a girl) up in Paris. So the Parisian chic bag came from Paris.


Love their packaging!


  1. The which?

Louis Vuitton Alma BB in damier ebene print. I got my initials stamped in gold. The bag is made of canvas body and leather base, strap and handles. It has gold hoops for the strap. It also comes with a gold lock and key. The interior is red.


Louis Vuitton Alma bb damier ebene print.


My experience through this process……..

Oh yes you read it right! The whole buying the first designer bag is an experience, if you love bags. I read a lot of blogs and watched videos before deciding the bag I wanted.

  1. Classics.

If you are a first time shopper like me I would strongly suggest look out for classics. This might be my only designer bag for a long long while (can’t afford anymore at the moment!) so I decided to invest in a classic. What better than a Louis Vuitton.

Classics never go out of style or season. They are a safe bet. They have been tried and tested over time.

  1. Budget:

Decide your budget. I followed the 5:1 rule before spending those big bucks. When you can afford 5 of those things, buy one. I did not want to make an impulsive purchase, after all its hard earned money.

I saved up a fraction of my income for 6-8 months before I took the plunge. So research the best suited bag for your budget.


  1. Get your money back:

VAT refund. Since LV is French brand it’s but natural that prices would be lowest in Paris than London. So I did my due diligence and burdened my friends on their romantic holiday to buy me this bag. (Thanks Isaac and Mona… kisses)

So if you planning a vacation or some of your friends are, you can claim up to 12% VAT refund at the airport.

  1. Choose your style:

Cross body, backpack, shoulder bags, handbags, totes, clutch, wallets, chain wallets, wristlet, hobo, satchels etc etc (phew too many varieties!)

Decide on a style depending if you want it to be a dressy dress bag or an everyday tote.

I chose the Alma BB, as I loved the shape and can be used as a handbag as well as cross body.

  1. Re sale value:

Yes they do! So in case you change your mind, you can always get a portion of your money back.


  1. Pre loved:

There are many websites dealing with pre loved bags. You might find a bag in very good condition at a good bargain. However be aware of fakes and dupes. Get your bag authenticated.

  1. Heirloom:

Just like inheriting Grandma’s pearls, you can pass it down to your daughter or sister or some family member!

  1. Colour and print:

I decided to buy the damier ebene print as I loved the deep brown leather and gold embellishments. So less chances of staining the bag and good maintenance.


Me rocking the bag…lol


List of some brands:

Price range low-mid:                          


Charles and Keith

Ted Baker

Dune London

Price range mid-high:


Michael Kors


Kate spade

Marc Jacobs

Price range high:


Louis Vuitton







Bottega Veneta



Hope this was useful if you looking to invest in a quality hand bag.

“I would love to be proposed with a Chanel classic bag than a rock.”

(Take a hint!)


Copyright 2018 Chris Lemos All rights reserved




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  1. Another style check blog from a very stylish gal 👍🏻
    Well written , it was a pleasure n good experience for us also wat I loved the most was hand over ceremony 😀

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