Update your personal style….. Tips and tricks!

‘Be the best version of yourself’

My tips for updating your personal style

  1. Identify your undertone.

We generally tend to select the colour scheme for our outfits based on the complexion. But dig deeper. It’s not the skin tone that matters but what lies beneath, undertone.

Generally they are classified as warm, cool and neutral (mix of both).

So let’s identify what undertone are you…

Step 1: check your veins

Check the colour of your veins on the inside of your arm and forearm.

If they are green, you have a warm undertone, if blue it’s cool.

Step 2: paper test

Hold a white paper against your face and neck; does it make you look pale or yellow?

If yellow, you have warm tone; if pale, it’s cool.

Step 3: Jewellery

Compare gold and silver jewellery against your skin.

If gold suits you better, you have a warm tone. If it’s silver, it’s cool.

Step 4: sun effects

If you tan easily when exposed to sunrays, you are warm. If you get skin burns or redness, you are cool.

This is a rough guide to help you determine your undertone.

Test Warm tone Cool tone
1.   Veins Green Blue
2.   White paper Yellow Pale
3.   Jewellery Gold Silver
4.   Sun effect Tan Burns/redness

So now that you have identified your skin tone, let’s see what colours suit you better.

Warm tone: yellow, orange, brown, warm red, yellow-green,

Cool tone: blue, green, purple, magenta, red

If you have a mixture of above, you are probably neutral, and luckily you could experiment with most colours.

Once you identify your undertone if will help you select your wardrobe colour schemes, hair colours as well as make up.

Since I have a warm tone and my sister is cool toned, there are less chances that she can steal from my closet!

Cool tones (@mysecondskinn)
Warm tones
  1. Wardrobe sweep out.

You probably must have developed a particular style. Have a look at the clothes you possess. Ask yourself, “Do you want to step out of your comfort zone?” or “are you happy with the current style and fit?”

Pick out clothes you have not worn in over 6 months and throw them out. Have a closet detox!

Examples: Outfits you waiting to wear after losing a few pounds

Outfits you hope to pair with something you might buy in

the future.

Outfits that need to be altered. (You probably would be

lazy to do so.)

You can either donate these or sell.

Seasonal clothes: pack away all your seasonal wear.

  1. Window shopping.

Before you start spending cash, have some fun around. Either have a fun day with your girlfriends or you can do it in comfort of your bed online. Check out stores other than your usual hangouts. Pick stuff you never thought of trying out. Try new things and have fun doing it!

  1. Fashion inspirations.

Confused about discovering your style? Just look around! Celebrities, stylists, models, bloggers. Identify your inspiration; do they resonate with your style? Have peek at their profile. See what would suit you the best.

 My favourites: Rhea Kapoor, Monica Rose, Justine Leconte (Parisian chic style), Victoria Beckham and my sister!

  1. Identify your routine.

Do you need more of formals or casuals? Do you love prints or solids? Are you quirky or basic? Try the opposite.

Personally I feel, you can never go wrong with solid colours! But that’s just my opinion.

My personal style includes using three colours; I usually pair 2 colours when putting together an outfit and use a 3rd one for accessories. (Example: white blouse paired with blue jeans, with brown belt and shoes)

  1. Get your fit on

I am a strong believer of tailored clothes. After all it’s all about the fit. We often tend to shop larger sizes.

Sometimes finding the perfect tailor is difficult than finding true love.

  1. Lingerie.

Yes girl! Enhance your natural curves. I cannot stress enough on the importance of a good bra.

  1. Hair.

Play around with some colours, styles or cuts. Now that you have identified your skin undertone, ask your hairdresser for the appropriate shades.

I personally went in for balayage ombre style, because I have naturally fine hair and did not want to colour my roots.

Balayage ombre in warm browns
  1. Brows.

We have seen a transition from thinner to thicker brows. Having good brows gives your face an instant structured look.


You can dab some castor oil on the end of your brows and sparse areas as well as on your lashes before sleeping. Castor oil promotes hair growth.

While drawing your brows try extending them till the outer corners of your eyes as demonstrated below.

  1. Nails.

Well groomed hands and feet enhance your look. As a doctor, I cannot have long nails nor bright colours. I opt for smaller nails and nude colours.

Trim your nails; you can apply some colours as per your personal preference.

Do moisturise your hands and feet.

Pictures by @mysecondskinn (do check out their instagram page for makeup inspirations.

  1. Accessories.

I follow a simple rule. ‘Less is more’. I either add earrings or a neck piece. But it depends on your personal style. Accessories add a bit of colour to your outfit.

My tip:

Monochrome. Wear all your accessories in a single colour. Gold earrings pair up well with gold watch. I personally do not mix up gold and silver.

Hope these help! As always would love to hear from you.


Copyright 2018 Chris Lemos All rights reserved

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