Girl talk: body shaming?

Hey guys, so apart from fashion, lifestyle and all the fun things I wanted to do a few posts on the ‘iceberg problems’. The problems we fail to see but are present and many of us face them on day to day basis.

My first topic is Body shaming.

Body shaming, defined as practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body size or weight.

I must’ve probably been exposed to this at the age of 6-7. Well it started out in a cute way, calling me a chubby child, but it did leave an impact on me. Imagine a 6 year old trying to fit in a new school, with people constantly talking about her weight.

It progressed all through middle grades well into my teenage life. Knowing or unknowingly I received comments on how I was on the fatter side of the scale. How I needed larger size of clothes. It got me thinking I was ‘not normal’.

So once I was walking on the beach and I distinctly remember, two boys walked upto me, pointed their phones at me and with an evil laugh said, “she doesn’t fit on my phone screen”. Another one said, “round like a football.”

It escalated even more through college, people commenting and making me feel as if the world revolved around my body size.

I felt under confident, dejected at times, blamed God for making me ugly.

There are so many other instances. But I was subjected to body shaming, it did leave an impact on me.

I am sure so many of you out there have gone through similar ordeal. Be it fat, skinny, short, too tall etc etc

We should all be asking our selves, when we comment on others, whether be it in a good sense, is it out of our own insecurities?

Does another person’s appearance bother us so much?

I know being on a higher body mass index has lot of health issues. But does that justify calling the kids chubby or fatty?

We never would know what another person might be going through. We are indirectly affecting their mental and psychological state.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. It all depends on genetics, physiology and other factors.

My thoughts on this:

1. Lets each one of us assume some responsibility when we participate in the practice of body shaming. We have in some way contributed to another person’s depression or sadness.

2. It starts in childhood. We can all work over this and take a small step in preventing this practice. Many of us are involved with small children as parents, teachers or family.

3. ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. Lets learn to look past the exterior and peek inside the beautiful soul of another individual.

4. Lets try to approach the health problems related to obesity in a positive way.

5. Lets learn to tackle our own insecurities, before we unknowingly target someone else.

6. Lets teach our children to shun the practice of body shaming.

These are my personal thoughts which I wanted to share.

Hoping to learn more from you……

You are more than the way you look!


Copyright 2018 Chris Lemos All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Girl talk: body shaming?

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  1. True words.
    I think “Boy Talk : Body Shaming??” will be an apt title to this one.
    Also 6th point in ‘Your Thoughts’ – Responsible parents would want to teach gender equality at a very tender age to kids. If even such a profound yet simple thought of equality persists, body shaming and such iceberg topics will be redundant!
    Loved the other points!

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  2. Ah!body shaming, a problem. Looks like as we try to prevent no. of acute and chronic illnesses, we see or experience some others as emerging health problems. May be its a viscous cycle.
    Let me flip a coin to make this discussion a bit active. Let these issue be their* How about if one could try to take these social criticism in a positive way, may be as a motivation to act on something. Let our defense mechanisms kick in. May be we could make these criticisms one of the reasons of how beautiful we (you) are today!
    The external validity of the proposed idea will always be questionable. However, changing behaviors of others or policy is a time consuming process, may take at least someone’s childhood entirely. So let’s try to take it positively while keep on reducing the problem, bringing back to what Chris proposed.

    Apologies for any typos, which I could correct with more precision on getting some criticism. So bring it on!

    Just to bring a some smile #jiski biwi moti uska bhi bada naam hai…

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  3. Hey I love that you wrote this. It’s amazing. Something I hate about the world are body shamers. They are incredibly ridiculous and I have zero tolerance for people who body shame. I am actually doing a project that involves body shaming please let me know if you are interested.

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