What I invest in?

Things I do not mind splurging on….

When it comes to buying stuff, I have all 50 shades of it; shopping sales to buying full retail.

But with time (and stupid purchases), I got wiser! So just compiled a list of things I invest in. And when I say invest, I mean, you get something out of return.

So here’s the list….

  1. Skin care.


Night cream and eye cream: I solemnly swear by these creams!

My absolute favourites at the moment are, Kiehls clearly corrective brightening and smoothing moisture treatment and Midnight recovery eye cream.


The puffiness and under eye lines have reduced and my skin is basking in the moisture.


Identify your skin type and concerns and research. And before spending those big bucks, experiment with some free samples from the store.


Sun screen:  your skin’s protection against harmful U.V. rays. It also helps slow down the development of wrinkles.


My favourite currently is the Diorsnow UV shield with SPF 50. It gives me the right amount of moisture and luminous finish, so no need of foundation for daily basis.


  1. Make up.


Foundation: it took years before I finally stumbled upon the foundation which did not make me look like a vampire nor a goblin. And voila! For once it made my face look natural, but better.

My favourite, Bobbi brown skin foundation stick, in the shade golden brown.



Test the foundation shade on your cheek (or full face), preferably in natural light.

Try taking a selfie with the flash on, make sure it doesn’t give you a ghostly white look.


Kabuki brush: one of my best purchases, gives a air brushed look and saves quite a quantity of foundation


Plus I also apply my liquid highlighter with the same brush.


Real techniques face expert brush.


Corrector: those endless study and work hours (plus Netflix binging) takes a toll on the eyes. I always had a difficult time covering up under eye discolouration.

Bobbi brown corrector, in the shade peach. Just love it. Corrector-foundation-concealor, the trinity that saves under eyes.


  1. Jeans.

You can dress it up or down. My quest for the perfect pair of bootylicious denims ended with Topshop’s Jonie.

You need to have that one pair of denims, that will get you a wink or two, hide those extra pounds and help you get through those ‘I do not have anything to wear’ days.


  1. Bags.


Do I need to tell a woman why I consider bags an investment? Buying quality bags, adds an extra oomph to your outfit, lasts longer.


My bag is my holy grail! I carry it around everywhere, so why not invest in a good quality bag.


My current favourite is the Michael Kors leather backpack.


  1. Hair care:


Let those stressed tresses rest! (My lame attempt at rhyming)

Give your mane some loving, with regular trimming, some spa or mask treatments or a simple weekly warm oil massage.

  1. Food:

Yes food as well. Sadly those anti oxidants, medium chain triglycerides come packed in expensive fruits and veggies.

But yes once a week I need my avocados, berries and salmon.

  1. Shoes:


These babies got me through four years of weddings, parties and christenings.



‘Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world’- Marilyn Monroe.

Hell ya! I am no Carrie Bradshaw, but I do own a few decent ones. Black, nude and rose gold, these basics get me through most of the occasions.

  1. Education:

‘You are never overdressed nor over educated’

Learn baby learn. Be it some professional courses, cooking, language, swimming, driving etc etc.

Never hesitate to invest in your own self. I recently invested in a professional course. It’s never too late to learn.


  1. Watch:


I am not a very accessories oriented person. But I love a good decent watch. Invest in a good one. Its lasts long. Choose based on your personal preference. I currently own one, rose gold Espirit. It goes well with a casual chic or a formal outfit.


Well this list is as per my own experience, but I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.




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